The unpredictability of Life


Staying on the other side of the world and following the US elections was an interesting journey I should stay. Watching the primaries and then the conventions was an experience. What stood out for me was the day of results. Being about twelve hours ahead of Washington,  just as the day starts for us,  it is prime time in US. So just as polling was going on we had our sleep and was up well rested to see the much expected results. As I turned on the news the special coverage host was sharing with the available data how it would be easy for Hillary Clinton to become the next president and how it was almost impossible for Trump to become President. As results were being announced before we could realize, Trump was leading and it was becoming impossible for Hillary to win. Even as America was voting silently in my home country overnight the money was demonetized. Suddenly people had to go through the hassle of changing their money.  That’s how unpredictable life is.something-bad-happens-life-quotes-sayings-pictures

A casual visit to the doctor ends up in life changing diagnosis. We go to work to give our best, and we come home without a job because the company is not doing well or our project has no funds or just the changing market. We loose our house because there was an earthquake, floods or some natural disasters. The reality of terrorism is everywhere that no place on earth is safe any more. What you believe is recognized in some places but takes us into hiding in other places.

Life has moved from living safe predictable lives, to being able to live through the unpredictability and coming out victorious at the end of the day.

Some of the ways we can live this unpredictable life.

  • Choose to live life, face the unpredictabilityno-matter-how-good-or-bad-you-think-life-is-wakeup-each-day-and-be-thankful-for-life-someone-somewhere-else-is-fighting-to-survive-1 and still make our life  worthwhile.
  • Be sure of what you believe as what you believe will help you go through life.
  • Invest time with people who will help you go through these times.
  • Never wait for things to settle down as before an issue settles, another would have risen.
  • Learn to enjoy life in the midst of unpredictability.


One response to “The unpredictability of Life”

  1. Thank you so much for your blog, in January the unpredictability of life hit when a visit to the doctor ended with a diagnosis of cancer. I realised today reading your Bible plan on the You Version bible hence the visit to your blog; that I do need to repent and put all plans before God yielding to His Will and Purpose. Since the diagnosis I have gone into super planning mode about all I will do after treatment is complete. I found the You Version plan pertinent as another doctor’s visit last week put all my plans to the test. Thank you for both the blog and plan.

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