Work life Balance

It’s mother’s day…. a casual conversation in the lift …led to an interview the same evening and a job offer…. My status changed from a stay at home mom to an working mom…before the change could sink in I was at work three days later… my years of planning to how I would manage my life after I get back to work didn’t seem to make sense….life had changed …. This was one year ago….

Exciting as it was, the challenges were real and striking a balance was not easy… Looking back a year later…on Mother’s Day it’s ironic to know that As my status changed from a stay at home mom to a working mom on Mother’s Day…..I am a mom first…. As I started accommodating a new software job into my daily routine, after a break of fifteen years the reality of going back to working started sinking in…. The no of little enjoyable activities I had to let go was daunting. This while facing the mammoth challenges that lay ahead of me, technically, physically and emotionally was a journey I learnt to enjoy…

Just after my studies I got a dream job and was working full time on a software job….. I took a break from my software job when my son was born , which to me was more than a regular full time job…. you are on duty 24 x 7… As my son grew , I was intentional in making him independent. This gave me more time on hand… but circumstances did not allow me to take up a full time job….This did not stop me from having my calendar full doing things I enjoyed. As years progressed they involved getting out of the house and taking up activities which challenged me. So technically I was working full time.

Now getting back to a ‘full time job’- working eight hours in one office….it just feels that what occupies my working day has changed. I still decide what I get to do on a particular day, earlier it was family and my personal choices, it’s still is the same, though is it revolves around my schedule at work.

Does it mean all of a sudden everything takes a back seat and work is priority. Yes and No. Yes because most of the waking hours I am at work and it takes my whole attention. It started with 12 hours initially including my commute to office… now it’s better about 9 hours a day. No because my priorities are still the same. My family and my personal needs don’t get compromised because I am now working. Though my priorities have not changed, the way I achieve this has definitely changed. I still make sure we get three meals but it’s not those elaborate time consuming delicacies I made but quick healthy and hopefully tasty food sometimes not made by me. I miss my workouts at the gym though I still make time for a quick one and am working on getting it into my daily routine to name a few…

What definitely I have learnt is to use my time wisely. One thing that I really miss is my writing. Writing for me needs the calm and quietness of long hours which helps me gather my thoughts which seems to be a premium now…

Thoughts to ponder as you think of work life balance…

  • Don’t let people define you by what your job is- explore new avenues
  • Keep working on your skills and acquire new skills
  • Think out of the box
  • Find opportunities to put your skills to work
  • Run your house as a corporate business
  • Work on your confidence, you cannot satisfy all your families desires
  • Learn to remain positive in spite of the changes and challenges
  • Realign with the expectation of the kind of job you can fit in
  • Be ready to take a drop in the designation and compensation
  • Keep your eyes and ears open you never know where your opportunity lies
  • Don’t belittle any opportunity you get but be sure of what you want….

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