The Big Reveal

As we are pulled in the waves of the sea called COVID-19, we seem to be moving away from the shore. The stress of social distancing, the economic crisis, the uncertain future affects our thoughts and actions today. As a planner, it’s challenging to plan with the uncertainties faced at this time…

With all the social distancing, I suddenly am excited to dream and see how life could be after the COVID-19. For generations people are going to talk about this time…like war veterans, we would be part of the elite COVID veterans- those who survive the coronavirus… 

In this season of social distancing when the layout of our house becomes the map… Location updates are “checked into” home office…Home school… Home Movie hangout… the dinner bar… Our vocabuluary would have expanded with WFH, WFO, WFQ, WFS, TTW, TOW, MTH , MTO

Immediately after the conquer of the virus, we would enter the exciting phase called “the virtual to reality”. I won’t be surprised if I’m unable recognise my friends and colleaguues… Some would have become big with the binge snacking and food cravings we have this season. Others may have lost wieght with the additional workload as the regular helpers are practicing social distancing. Hairs could become longer or shorter with creative haircuts giving people the Virus makeover…

Travelling to countries are never going to be the same. We mostly would have an additional COVID check before boarding and on arrival. Imagine work trips and holidays will need to be planned with a Plan B, C, D…. if we are quarantined because of the “Unseen force”. 

As a Christian, I had a sneak peek of the current times as part of my yearly tradition of reading the Bible at least once every year. So as the virus was unfolding, many of the Bible passages that did not make sense or seemed impossible was becoming real. This created excitement to look forward to events mentioned in the Bible… It is this same hope that is making me look beyond this crisis. Life is not to be lived only in the good times. It’s in these difficult times we just don’t survive but intentionally choose to rest and thrive. 

Choices to help us have a positive reveal… 

  • Accept reality, that this is going to be sometime before we get to a new regular schedule 
  • Look forward to how you want to be when that happens
  • Try to work out a schedule including household chores and kids responsibilities
  • Define spaces in your house to help get into the different moods we face during the day… Office space/ home restaurant/ Home Movie lounge/ Work out area to name a few…
  • Prioritise and be practical. 
  • Include fitness and health 
  • Incorporate or start a hobby. 
  • Be intentional every day… one day at a time looking towards the BIG Reveal.

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