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Sherene’s life has been a journey with eleven pit stops across four countries in a span of four decades. They are filled with memories, some bringing smiles others tears. The plans Sherene made for her life, was constantly challenged with roadblocks, detours and the unexpected. How we handle these is what makes life. So here’s to this thing called Life.

Moving 4 counties living in about 12 places ranging from villages to metros, does bring with it a lot of lessons, laughter, challenges and choices. Software engineer by profession gave it up to enjoy my family especially the little ones when they are little. We make plans but God seems to have other plans . Have learnt to accept changes and the quicker we adapt Life becomes exciting and full of memories. Having gone back to working, enjoying the challenges of adapting to the ever changing work environment while balancing home and pursing interests…walking in this journey called like…“is what Sherene would say about her life…
Sherene’s passion now is in closing the gap between the Problem and the Solution with the skills of Leadership, Communication, Presentation and Relationship building.

Sherene is an analytical minded individual thriving on problem solving. ‘Every problem has not just one but many solutions… find the best fit ’ attitude motivates her on finding the most practical and cost-effective solution. She likes to bridge the gap between the problem and the solution making sure results are delivered.

Sherene is a pragmatic thinker who is dynamic and flexible, communicating her vision and strategy to those around her. Knowledge sharing is a key goal helping Sherene to be mentored and developed by inspirational leaders and achievers she meets. She also takes pride in mentoring those she comes in contact with, by empowering and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Being adaptable has helped Sherene embed herself in an organizations strategic and operational environment influencing in areas of Business Analysis and Intelligence, Organizational transformation, Change Management, Project Management, Strategic planning and delivery.

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